The Wedding will be held at the home of the ever-generous Barb and Dick Haiduck.

This home is located in Woodside,
half-way up the mountain.

SO... we have arranged to have 24-person jitneys pick you up and take to to the Wedding venue.

They will be collecting you at the Town Hall... which you got to by following the instructions on the Plan A Map we sent you.  If you lost it, it is also available here.

Remember, the jitneys BEGIN boarding at 5:15pm.

The Town Hall looks a little (well, a lot) like the building in the image below:
If the buses are on schedule, they will depart 2955 Woodside Road
for the Haiduck's home at 5:30pm.

If they aren't, they won't.

So, please be there on time.  It might be a little hot, but hopefully the wait will not be long.

There will be plenty of parking in and around the Town Hall as it is a Saturday.

Park almost anywhere.